What’s the Average Cost for a Bathroom Remodel?


There’s no easy formula to calculating the cost of your bathroom remodel, as the price tag depends on a number of factors. The size of the bathroom, the quality of the materials and how much of the work you will carry out yourself will affect the cost of your bathroom remodel.

Are you remodeling a master bathroom or a small guest bath? Let’s take a look at the difference that the type of bathroom can make to the overall cost.

Powder Room or Half Bathroom

A powder room is a smaller bathroom, usually located on the main floor of a house for the use of guests, or as an additional family bathroom. They are usually very small and only contain a toilet and sink. This means they are the cheapest to remodel, with the average ranging from $4,000 to $15,000 – if you’re hiring someone to do the work.

Three Quarters Bathroom

This kind of bathroom consists of a toilet, sink and shower but lacks a bathtub. A three quarters bathroom is increasingly popular in newer homes as it has everything you need in a bathroom but saves on space. The addition of the shower adds around 30 square feet to the area of the bathroom, plus requires more plumbing and labor to carry out the remodel. This brings the average cost of a three quarters bathroom to between $6,000 and $20,000.

Full Bathroom

Finally, the average cost of a master bath that has all of the above as well as a bathtub will be between $8000 and $30000.

When you’ve established the size of the bathroom you’re remodeling, you then need to consider several more variables. Is the bathroom compact or spread out across a larger floor space? The higher square footage for a bathroom, the more flooring and tile there will be, and typically there will be a larger vanity and countertop.

Just these items could potentially add thousands to your remodel depending on the materials you choose. For example, your countertops could be Formica or they could be granite – the choice is yours but the price difference will be significant. Even small aesthetic decisions like this will have a large impact on the cost of your bathroom remodel.

Finally, how much of the work can you do yourself? If you’re an experienced DIY-er then you could save by doing a lot of the work yourself. Even if you’re hiring a professional to do the remodel from start to finish, you can always speed the process along by doing any initial demo and clearing, as well as cleaning and touching up afterwards.

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